Cooking Seminar with Gabriela Christ from Linersclub Cologne.

We want the people to cook healthy again, so says Gabriela Christ. Food Culture should not be difficult and priceworthy. Her Filosofy is to communicate with her guests. She is focussed on the aspect that it is not just nutricion but that it also a way of live is . It is how we contact each other, what kind of Atmosphere we create to feel good and the way we enjoy to eat.


Wine Seminar with Wolfgang Pfaffmann

Wine for Enjoyables. This theme ist he main subject for Wolfgang Pfaffmann. Here you can participate in a Wine Harvest, to watch a wonderfull event it is to Harvest as in the good old days. See how the modern Winefarmer is working now a days to guarantee the best Wine quality and taste. You can enjoy our wine during a meal in the open air with other people.


Olive oil with Bert van den Abeele

Bert van den Abeele is sending himself and his sensible tongue already for 20 years on a discovery tour. For Hotel Alter Kaiser specifically he has chosen Olive oils for they who knows the Italian Kitchen for the best.

Travel Weather in Bad Ems

As a special Service you can find here the actual wetter report for Bad Ems.